Product description

A strap made out of Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, webbing or rope used to control or lead an animal.

Alternate product names

Leash, Lead, Choke Lead, Tactical Leash or Tether

Alternate styles

Single leash, Splitter leash for up three dogs, K-9 Tactical Collar Leash Combo, Choke Lead and Jogger belt

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Custom ID Leash  Leash Splitter / Coupler  K9 Tactical Combo  Traffic Lead  Jogger Belt / Leash Combo ID Collar Bungee Leash

Common uses

Dog training, obedience, show, and dog trials

Webbing Options

Polyester Webbing, Flat Nylon Webbing and Polypropylene Webbing

Polyester Webbing  Flat Nylon Webbing  Polypropylene Webbing

Polyester is the choice for custom prints on your leashes or collars.  We have a huge selection of stock patterns available, or you can design your own!  Flat nylon webbing is common because of its smooth feel, and is commonly referred to as "pet quality".  Heavyweight polypropylene is excellent for outdoor use because it has great UV protection, and does not absorb water making it highly resistant to mildew & rot. 

Metal Hardware Options

Bolt snaps, trigger snaps, beefy snaps, panic snaps, D rings, O rings and side release buckles.    Powder Coating is also available on most of our metal hardware.

Plastic Hardware Options

Plastic Side Release Buckle Single Adjust, Plastic Side Release Buckle Double Adjust Metal/Plastic Hybrid Side Release Buckle